Daypack Ranger - A site for those who enjoy exploring the British countryside and who care about the
          preservation of its fragile habitats and wildlife
Welcome to the Daypack Ranger website a site that I hope will encourage you to get out and enjoy the wonders of the British countryside whilst helping to preserve it for future generations. The current rather limited introduction to the various habitats and the wildlife species that live in them will gradually be expanded and added to as time and resources permit. With this aim in mind I have split the site into the following sections:

A profile of the author

Countryside Skills
A brief introduction to some of the skills used in the management and preservation of the British countryside.

British Wildlife Habitats
A few details about some of Britian's wildlife habitats.

Wildlife of Britain
A few details about our British wildlife.

Daypack Rambler
A companion website for those who enjoy a walk in the British countryside and the opportunity to explore its wonderful wildlife, landscapes and rural views

Direct links to organisations I am associated with and/or have a connection to the management and preservation of Britain's' wildlife habitats

A dictionary of some of the less common and technical terms used on this site

For you to ask any questions you may have or to let me know what you think of the site and how it may be improved.